Sports bets

Top free sporting bet offers in the UK:


Bet365 - Free £200 matched first deposit.

Betting site that offers a wide range of sports to bet on and has ongoing offers such as £50 free in play bets on selected football matches.

Popular types of bet;


Straight accumulators; within a straight accumulator all parts of the bet must win for the overall bet to win:

Single - one selection

Double - two selections

Treble - three selections

Fourfold - four selections



For example if you pick four horse races and a winner in each and you place a fourfold accumulator you would need all four horses to win their respective races in order to win.

A £5 stake would cost £5 in total.


Lucky 15; a lucky 15 bets consists of four selections. The bet contains each combination of single, double, treble and fourfold; 4 x single, 6 x double, 4 x treble and 1 x fourfold.

£5 stake per unit would cost £75.

In a lucky 15 you don't need all four parts of the bet to win to gain some returns.


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